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What many Internet users do know is that there is a rumor that the actor is actually a “vampire” or some other supernatural entity that can live for thousands of years.

The reason? A Seattle antiques dealer has put up for sale a historical archive photograph taken in 1870 showing a man identical to the famous man.

“Nicolás Cage is a vampire”: the alleged test that was put up for sale on Ebay

One of the craziest conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet talks about Nicolás Cage, who is attributed the characteristic of being an “immortal vampire” who allegedly reinvents himself every 75 years to experience a different life.

This idea came about in 2011 when Jack Mord, an antiques dealer and history buff, uploaded an 1870 Civil War photograph to Ebay.

It was originally taken in Tennessee by GB Smith, a Confederate prisoner of war and photographer of war.

The image shows a man identical to Nicolás Cage, which is why the seller assured that in his opinion it was the same actor and that is why he put the image up for sale for a million dollars.

Mord even commented that the photograph was found in a historical archive album in which other people were identified with his name and coincidentally the “double of Nicolás Cage” did not have any information.

The old photograph did not last long in the Ebay catalog, as Jack Mord received ridicule and negative messages. Even so, the man defended his point of view in an interview with ‘Metro’ (2011):

“My theory is that he is allowed to age up to a certain point, maybe 70 or 80 years old, and then the actor ‘Nicolas Cage’ supposedly dies, but in reality, the undead vampire ‘Nicolas Cage’ will rejuvenate and appear in some other time. part of the world, young again and ready to start over. In 150 years, he could be a politician, a cult leader, or a talk show host.”

Nicolás Cage denied being a vampire after the 1870 photo went viral

As the tiktoker ‘Rodri’ comments, in 2012 the actor attended David Letterman’s talk show as part of the promotion of his movie ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’, and in front of the driver he rejected any rumor of vampirism that surrounds him .

In the first place, Cage commented that vampires cannot be photographed and there are thousands of images of him; secondly he said that he doesn’t drink blood and finally he mentioned that he always sees his reflection in front of a mirror.

However, from time to time the conspiracy theory gains popularity again on the Internet and speculations are fueled again.

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