Kim Kardashian talks exclusively about her beauty line SKKN by Kim

This first release includes products like an exfoliator, a cleanser and an eye contour cream, with formulas that the star carefully evaluated: ‘The factories I worked with told me that products usually go through about five versions before achieving a final product, and I went through between 20 and 25 versions in each product,’ he tells us . ‘I really took my time creating the formulas, to make sure that when people have them, they don’t think about that [que] it is a ‘brand made by a celebrity’.

Of course, being a Kim Kardashian Project, appearance and brand identity were also important: Kardashian imprinted her now-characteristic minimalist aesthetic to the elegant packaging of his products: ‘When I was working on the packaging, I looked at the concrete sculptures, all the different shades of stones and interior decorations,’ he says, ‘I always thought that the packaging must look great in my home; I’ve always liked really minimalist shades,’ she adds.

Additionally, she ‘also wanted the packaging to be refillable, to show brands that you can find great options that are recyclable and sustainable,’ she tells us. Similarly, she tells us that she has plans to expand the brand to makeup and fragrances, later.

‘The SKKN brand look for your skin to look its best,’ she laughs, ‘I wanted color cosmetics, like the ones I love and use (lipsticks, foundation) but create a neutral palette.’ ‘Before, with KKW Beauty, it was a little more fun…but they weren’t basic,’ she reveals.

During his candid conversation with Allure Editor-in-Chief Jessica Cruel, kardashianwho was wearing a white top from RE/DONE and printed Balenciaga ankle boots, she also talked about her current stage in fashion, which she describes as ‘the Barbie Alien phase of the future’, and he also addressed the current style dilemma he is facing: ‘Casual is hard for me,’ but it’s something he’s working on.

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