“Johnny Depp has once again changed the rules of the game with this trial, only he could do it”

The actor Jordi Mollawho returns to Spain with the exhibition ‘The art of transcending’ inspired by the Osborne Bull, has defended his friend Johnny Depp after the media trial with his ex-partner Amber Heard, remembering that “only he could change the rules of the game again as he has done”.

“I have not seen anything of the trial because I love him and I have seen everything he has suffered these years. No one has been able to find him, neither me nor his friends, because he had disappeared for the whole world,” the director, who has maintained a friendly relationship with Depp since they worked together in 2001 on the movie ‘Blow’.

“He is a brilliant guy who has shown once again with this universal judgment that he is capable of changing the rules of the game”, Molla added. The actor has lived in Miami for several years and maintains contact with various members of his generation, such as Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz -with whom he coincided in the filming of the film ‘Jamón, Jamon’-.

“We maintain contact, but not much. We get along well and I feel a lot of respect and admiration not only for his professional side, but also for his family: how they are together, with their children, forming that company that does not break,” he celebrated. Precisely, in ‘The art of transcending’, Mollà has returned to work with the Osborne Bull -on a reduced scale-, which is an approach to his debut on the big screen with the film by Bigas Luna.

“I find it incredible, since 1991, if we remove a report I did around 2013, I had not been near this monument again and it means a lot to me,” he explained, later acknowledging that he has not seen his role again in ‘Jamón, Jamón’, where the Osborne bull occupied an iconic moment.

I no longer see what I do in my movies, what is done is done and why am I going to look at it. Yes, it is true that I saw fragments in passing and hearing my own voice as a young man… it gave me the feeling that the film had aged a bit, look at the cars that come out, which are very treacherous for these things”, he commented with humor.

Mollà has not worked on a Spanish film since 2017 and acknowledges being open to projects. “Of course I want to work as an actor, but sometimes things come and I say to change this and this and in the end it doesn’t come out”, he has affirmed. Nominated on several occasions for the Goya, but never awarded, he assures that it is something that does not take away his sleep. “I am not in that maelstrom of having windows full of awards, like Nadal or Jordan: they are athletes and it makes sense, I do not make movies to have awards,” he asserted.

The “solazo” of the bulls

In ‘El arte de trascender’ -in Madrid’s Gärna Art gallery- more than thirty silhouettes of the Osborne Bull are exhibited on a small scale -with the same original sheet metal-, intervened by Mollà. In total, there are 65 pieces to commemorate the first billboard in Spain for this iconic bullthrough a project promoted by the Toro de Osborne Foundation.

The actor has explained that he has “little relationship” with the bulls -“I have been three times in my life and I will not return again”, he has pointed out-, but he does understand “the solace that hits” for art. “As a symbol it is an animalistic one: a small man dressed in lights in front of a 900-kilo beast. As a concept, it works,” concluded the author of some pieces inspired by works by Basquiat, Picasso or Tàpies.

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