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Between Sunday and Monday night fell on the house where Shakira lives alone after she separated from Piqué: when she woke up, the Colombian singer had a surprise. And she called the police.

Waiting to decide where she will live after separating from Gerard Piqué – with the hypothesis You love me as the most accredited, with children and parents following her – Shakira lives alone with Milan and Sasha, the footballer’s two children, in their former love home in Barcelona, from which the Catalan defender was blocked after the discovery of his betrayal with a waitress in his early twenties. Life goes on, of course. For herself, for her children, for her dignity as a woman and mother. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine“, the 45-year-old Colombian sings in her latest song, a message to the world to make people understand her desperate desire to turn the page and leave the pain behind.

Shakira with Piqué and their two children when they were a happy couple

Shakira with Piqué and their two children when they were a happy couple

Everyone on their own way. Piqué more and more swallowed by his nights “out of control“, photographed at a party in Stockholm with a blonde girl who is supposed to be the one she lost her mind for to the point of telling her she’s hers”first lady“, Shakira plunged back into work, between television appearances and the launch of the new song, with her two children now the only epicenter of her loved ones. But there is someone else out there. Someone who until now was hidden in the shadows and evidently expected nothing more: for the Barcelona player to disappear from the life of the Colombian star and the darkness – real and metaphorical – would fall on his house located in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Between Sunday and Monday night fell on Shakira’s house, the next morning the singer had a surprise when she appeared: some writings appeared on the road in front of the house, love messages from a suitor who wanted to let the Colombian know at what level his passion for her was. The sentences were in English: “I love you, my beautiful woman“,”I came here for you, my love“,”I am ready to marry you right now and support you“. Words that for those who wrote them wanted to be of great desire and yet have taken on a completely different meaning for Shakira: a stalker had entered his life. The man also signed himself, Alex, before crouching in the shadows again.

Piqué and Shakira announce: “We are sorry to confirm that we are separating”

The singer’s concern prompted her to alert the police immediately, also because there was another episode previously that had sounded the alarm in Shakira’s head: a man – it is not known whether the same person – had left letters in the mailbox. Continuing to live there alone without Piqué is not the best and probably the events of the last few days they will speed up the Colombian diva’s decision to leave Barcelona and Spain: the two children will follow their mother, but it remains to be seen how the player will take it, who would also like to stay close to Milan and Sasha. The two would absolutely avoid a legal battle on the skin of the boys, but if – as it seems – Piqué is really intent on convincing Xavi that he can still be a pillar of the team, it will not be easy to reconcile the needs of all the protagonists of the story.

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