how to make it and why its uses make it your best friend

The Work table (also known as manufacturing table, fabrication, creation or crafting) is one of the most important items in Minecraft. When I say important, I also mean that it is essential to crafting and crafting just about anything you need for your adventure.

Work Table, your best friend really good

The Workbench is the first item you need to craft in Minecraft. Ask any veteran or expert player: first you hit a tree for wood, open your inventory and craft a Crafting Table with x4 Wooden Blocks. You can also find them manufactured in the world.

The Crafting Table has three uses, two useful and one totally incomprehensible:

  • Manufacturing: Its 3×3 grid allows you to craft any Minecraft item, unlike the 2×2 grid in your inventory. Check out our Minecraft guide to learn about everything you can craft.
  • Repair– The crafting table allows you to repair worn tools, armor, and weapons. Place two bows, for example, on any of its 3×3 squares to create a higher quality bow.
  • Gas: Yes, you can use the crafting table as fuel for the furnace. Why would you want to use tables to feed the oven? I am not going to criticize the tastes of each one.

Remembering one of my best adventures in Red Dead Online a la Toretto from Fast & Furious: "I do not have friends.  I have family"

Minecraft Workbench 1

Minecraft has an obscene amount of recipes that you need to use at the Crafting Table. Luckily, there are tools dedicated to teaching the most basic to players who have just started playing.

Minecraft guides in VidaExtra

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