how to get the new Tropic Pickaxe, the Dark Wings backpack and much more for free

Today is being a very special day for those of us who enjoy Fortnite not only because it has left the new update 21.10but because Epic Games is throwing the house out the window by running promotions with free items of all kinds. And it is that, if a few minutes ago I told you how you can get various items from the crossover with Naruto, here I come to focus on the new summer event 2022.

The thing is that those responsible for Fortnite have announced an event that receives the name of Asaltaislas and with which we can get several free items for the battle royale. Next, I tell you everything you have to do to be able to unlock them forever in your locker:

Date and how to get the items

  • In order to get the objects you will have to access the Island Assault section that is now inside Fortnite and look at the challenges that are marked there
  • Completeness six Island Raiders quests: backpacking accessory Dark macaw wings
  • Completeness six Island Raider quests to also receive: peak of the tropics
  • Completeness three Island Raiders quests: tropical Infrared wrapper Y graffiti scavenger
  • Completeness a Island Raiders quest to get the raven graffiti and the emoticon GG!
  • The event will be available until next July 6
fortnite items

Missions and what are the event map codes

  • Collect 3,000 materials on the map: 2668-5883-1928
  • Unlock 3 achievements on this map: 0111-3743-0305
  • Use 8 vending machines on the map: 0245-9239-2638
  • Unlock 4 achievements on this map: 0321-8998-8494
  • Collect 50 coins or get 5 eliminations at: 0124-5841-7849
  • Eliminate 3 disguised opponents at: 1234-1679-1165

Well, there you have the promotion. It seems that it is not the only one that Fortnite will celebrate in the coming daysbut do not worry, since I will be attentive to anything that comes to light to tell you as soon as possible.

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