How to find teammates with the new Fortnite

Fortnite is implementing a new dynamic to make it easier for players to find teammates.

While you can use different Fortnite communities to find users who want to join your group, now you can use a simpler option.

A new dynamic to find teammates in Fortnite

We can’t always play a game of Fortnite with our friends, so we have to turn to communities to join other teams or find new partners. However, this can become a boring and frustrating process as we don’t always find like-minded users.

To make the dynamics simpler, Epic Games offers you a new option: social tags. The idea is that you add these tags to your profile to express up to three characteristics related to your style of play. For example, your game mode, preferred event, game environment, etc.

To add these tags you just have to go to your profile, and click on the “Add Tag” option, as you see in the image. When you add these social tags you will be able to send invitations to other users that match your preferences. Or you can receive invites from other players.

Invitations that can be sent from the new section that you will find in the sidebar. So you can form groups that fit your interests. Of course, you can disable this new “Looking for Party” section if you don’t like receiving invitations from other users.

If you already have invitations and you disable the option, nothing will happen. Simply the invitations will expire. And on the other hand, adding these new social tags will also serve to receive recommendations from Fortnite. At the moment, this new dynamic is part of a new test, but Epic Games assures that it will be gradually implemented to all users.

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