how much will they earn for their new reality show

The Kardashian sisters do not abandon the controversy. The famous clan will once again be in the eye of the hurricane with its new reality show The Kardashians, now on the streaming platform Hulu, an ambitious project that will increase the fortunes of Kris Jenner and her irreverent daughters Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie .

The socialites will open the doors of their homes to show their extravagances, the incidents of their personal lives and in the business world where they also succeed. As usual, family drama will be the main ingredient in this program that begins on April 14 through the online service of the Walt Disney company.

It could be a costly endeavor for the company considering the amounts of money each Kardashian will receive. According to Variety, quoted by The Sun, the signed agreement is for at least 100 million dollars, a sum that none of the celebrities could reject after several years of negotiations.

“Money always matters. I think I would be silly if I said it doesn’t matter anymore,” exclaimed Kris Jenner, mother and manager of the clan. This is how she admitted to the famous magazine that these earnings were the main motivation to accept the cameras in their homes again and show the most intimate facet of her famous daughters.

This considered salary will be shared equally among the members of the popular family. Khloe said she agreed with the terms of the contract, which she said “definitely played a factor because we gave part of our personal lives to entertainment.” The also businesswoman added: “We always have our private family conversations, and we are quite brutal, with whom we settle or not. Not all money is good money, it has to fit right in, and Hulu was perfect for us.”

The reality show through Hulu will have two seasons and a total of 40 chapters. The drama will not be lacking, nor will the most controversial personal issues in her life, such as Kim Kardashian’s romance with comedian Pete Davidson, and her divorce from rapper Kanye West. The famous has not confirmed if the star of Saturday Night Live will participate in some chapters, although she made it clear that she will talk about him in the Hulu series.

Three of the members of the famous clan will be absent. One of them, the ex-husband of Kris Jenner, today known as Caitlyn Jenner, who expressed her happiness for the new program in which she will not participate. Neither will Scott Disick, who was a couple of Kourtney Kardashian and was in the 20 seasons of the Keeping with the Kardashian saga. Rob Kardashian won’t be starring but they haven’t ruled out him making a few appearances on the show.

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