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Since it was known ‘Matilda’ would be back through a remake for Netflix, the most faithful fans of this children’s plot were moved.

And it is that this story Without a doubt, it generated a lot of happiness and broke all the stereotypes. of the stories that used to be brought to the big screen. Hence the interest in reviving it and the best way to do it was through this new version in which new faces will bring it to life to fill with emotions and nostalgia those who were able to see it in its original premiere in 1966 and the new generations who will meet this restless and fun character.

That’s why, It’s no wonder that loyal fans of this movie are remembering every scene or situation that gave them a lot of laughs and that they will possibly see again in this reinvention. that has them happy and waiting for the announcement of the official date on which it will be available in the entertainment catalog of the streaming platform that promises to give a “Christmas gift” through its launch.

Facts you didn’t know about ‘Matilda’

And although there are those who know from start to finish everything that happened in ‘Matilda’ Through its original version, it is also true that there are aspects that after 25 years of its premiere have been revealed little by little and that perhaps many were unaware of. That’s why, If you are a faithful follower of this story, there is nothing like evoking the golden age in which this plot was a “boom”.

So don’t hesitate to check these data that are part of the essence and success of this little naughty that marked a before and after in the entertainment industry:

The mother of the little protagonist died during filming: Mara Wilson was in charge of giving life to the first version of ‘Matilda’, but few know that at her young age and during the recording of this production, she, then a girl, received the news that her mother had died after fight breast cancer that completely defeated her. Given this, Mara decided to dedicate this project to her.

Everyone was afraid of teacher Tronchatoro: The actress pam ferris She was in charge of giving life to this very grumpy character who always caused terror among the children, but to maintain order on and off the set, this imposing woman stayed in her role so that the rest of the cast would behave and not cause disorder. including Mara Wilson.

Matilda and her doll: This toy that little Matilda did not abandon was created by this actress since she considered that her character should have an ally and what better company than this rag doll that she made and caused an impact.

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