Chris Hemsworth wants to be in Deadpool 3 to spite Hugh Jackman

The protagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder assures that if he appears in Deadpool 3 he will break a record held by Jackman

An unexpected dispute has arisen between actors of Marvel Studios. Chris Hemsworthour Thor of UCMhas joked that he would “make some calls” to make sure Hugh Jackmanthe longed for Wolverine of the X Men of the Foxdo not appear in Dead Pool 3. The actor even said that he would offer to act with Ryan Reynolds instead of Jackman.

Hemsworth’s appearance in the next Thor: Love and Thunder will serve to mark 11 years since the actor donned the armor of the God of Thunder for the first time, a fact pointed out by Ali Plumb and commented with the Australian actor during an interview on BBC Radio 1. Plumb then mentioned his compatriot Jackman’s record as Wolverine and explained that Hemsworth only needs to hold out for a few more years to surpass it.

When asked if he saw himself “wielding the mjolnir or the Stormbreaker six years from now to break that record,” Hemsworth joked that there’s no point in stopping his streak now. “I wasn’t going to, but now that you’ve put it in front of me, you’re right that it’s only six years. I have come this far. Going back now would be a waste.”

the writers Rhett Reese Y Paul Wernick They were briefly replaced by Wendy Molyneux Y Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin. Recently, after collaborating with him on spider-head, Reese and Wernick also discussed the possibility of Chris Hemsworth appearing in Deadpool 3 as Thor. The pair remained mum on whether the cameo was actually in the works, though they were supportive of the possibility.

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