You don’t like Chris Pratt as Super Mario? Movie producer defends Jurassic World actor

The producer of The Minions believes that most of the criticism will disappear after listening to Pratt.

Super Mario Bros. [Película]

The casting of adaptations of novels, comics and now also video games is not usually a dish of good taste for those in charge, who soon find themselves with criticism from fans of their choices. That seems to have been the case Chris Pratt for the Super Mario animated film. However, those responsible for him do not give in and firmly defend the actor from Jurassic World: Dominion.

I can sit back and say that I love your interpretationChris MeledandriChris Meledandri, founder and executive director of Illumination (The minions), assured in a recent talk in Barcelona, ​​during the CineEurope that is being held these days in the city of Barcelona, ​​that the complaints with the also star of Guardians of the Galaxy “will evaporate” once you hear them on paper. “Chris was chosen because we thought he could do great as Mario. And now that we’re 15 shooting sessions in, and the movie is 75% done, I can sit back and say I love his performance,” the producer told Variety.

However, Meledandri is aware that there will still be criticism after the film’s release, and he welcomes viewers’ freedom of expression. On the other hand, the producer also addressed the question of whether or not it is an offense to Italiansor Italian-Americans, the signing of Pratt for the role of Nintendo’s mustachioed hero, assuring that he is calm on this issue: “I think we’re going to be fine.”

The Super Mario animated film is the first advance of a greater Nintendo cinematographic commitment for the coming years, which has already registered the trademarks of Nintendo Studios and M Brothers Productions. Initially scheduled for Christmas, the new Mario Bros. movie will hit theaters in the spring.

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