Will Wolverine be in Thor: Love and Thunder?

It’s one of the most rumored cameos, but is there a real chance?

a few months after meeting the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder It will be the new film in the franchise. Its premiere will take place on July 8, 2022, and perhaps in one of its post-credits sequences is the answer we are looking for. Because the course of the saga, at this point, is still to be defined. Who could appear in this fourth installment of the God of Thunder saga would be Wolverinethe mutant who could return to the cinema after passing through X Menand played at the time by Hugh Jackman.

Rumors point to Wolverine in Thor: Love and Thunder

A new video from the channel Everything Always serves to ramble on the possibilities of seeing Wolverine in Thor: Love and Thunderbeing his debut in the UCM. However, the brand X Men and all his characters already belong to Disneyand therefore to Marvel Studiosand it is a matter of time before many of them appear, either played by the same actors, or by completely new ones.

Who would be the new Wolverine in Thor: Love and Thunder?

If you read the comics Marvelyou will know that the metal from which the claws of Wolverine is he adamantium (a kind of replica of the vibranium that Captain America carries on his shield). This raw material comes from classical mythology, and specifically, several characters linked to Ancient Greece will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. But the most striking thing has not been this detail: indeed, if you have been perceptive, you will have been able to see in the trailer of the film the thunderbolt of Zeus forged in metal, and perhaps, it is made in that adamantium that characterizes Wolverine.

The plot could show us Valkyrie wearing adamantium to Earth, and is ending up in the clutches of Wolverine. Of course, all this if the character of Marvel is a completely new version, and you don’t bet on Hugh Jackman as a last minute surprise.

Hugh Jackman X-Men
Wolverine, sooner or later, will be in the MCU. Will it be in Thor: Love and Thunder?

But Everything Always It is clear to him that whatever the way of introducing the mutant, this metal must be present, yes or yes, for it to make sense: “can incorporate adamantium to the MCU, and you should if you’re going to introduce Wolverine. Wolverine can’t be too far away, all the pieces are there“.

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