Thor: Love and Thunder presents a new and spectacular trailer

We are just a couple of weeks away from the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters, and Marvel Studios continues to work on publicity for the film to attract even more public attention. This Monday night, the studio released a brand new sneak peek, where we can see a lot of things never seen before, including a little more of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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In addition to the famous Guardian team, the trailer features Miek in a humorous sequence alongside Thor, as well as a shot of what appears to be Olympus floating in the sky, and new scenes of Jane Foster and Korg. Just a few days before the premiere of love and thunder, Marvel is doing its best to show us what this new and amazing adventure has in store for us, giving us the ideal material so that we don’t hesitate to go to theaters once the film makes its debut. We leave you the teaser below:

In a previous interview with EmpireTaika Waititi, director of Thor: Love and Thunder, said the movie heavily surrounds the plot of Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor (Jane), following their reunion nearly a decade after they first parted ways. The filmmaker said the following:

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About eight years have passed. She’s had a completely different life, and then the love of your life comes back on the scene, and she’s now dressed like you. She is a real nut to Thor. I didn’t know we were going to use the story of The Mighty Thor until we started working on the actual story. I was writing and it was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to bring Jane back into the story?’ You don’t want Natalie to come back and play the same character walking around in science gear. You know, as Thor flies, she stays on Earth, tapping her foot and saying, ‘When will she come back?’ That’s boring. You want her to be part of the adventure.

After not seeing each other for over 8 years, Jane and Thor have their long-awaited reunion, which has many fans quite excited. A hilarious plot, full of action and love, awaits us with this feature film, and recently, in an interview with Fandango All Access, Waititi shared for the media what were some of the romantic comedies that influenced the film:

How to lose a man in 10 days is great, 10 things I hate about you, Clueless is my favorite… Officer and gentleman. Like particularly the final scene where he walks in and picks her up. Do you remember that?

We leave you the official synopsis of Thor: Love and Thunder next:

The film follows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) on a journey unlike anything he has ever faced: a search for inner peace. But his retreat is interrupted by a galactic assassin known as Gorr the Butcher of Gods (Christian Bale), who seeks the extinction of the gods. To combat the threat, Thor enlists the help of the Valkyrie King (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Taika Waititi), and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who, to Thor’s surprise, inexplicably wields her magical hammer, Mjolnir, like the Mighty Thor. Together, they embark on a harrowing cosmic adventure to unravel the mystery of the Butcher God’s revenge and stop him before it’s too late.

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