They report in Spain that America will pay four million dollars for Néstor Araujo

Néstor Araujo is in the sights of other teams in the Mx League

In Spain it is reported that the America will pay up to four million dollars for Nestor Araujothe Mexican who plays in the Celta Vigo and will strengthen the team he leads Fernando el Tano Ortiz.

According to him Lighthouse of Vigo of Spainthe America will pay four million dollars for Nestor Araujothree of those millions will be paid in a single exhibition, while the other million will be paid for objectives.

Nestor Araujo add four years in the Celta Vigo and has become one of the important players in the Spanish team, his transfer surprises in the Iberian media, due to the regularity he has under the command of the Chacho Coudet.

The Mexican defender, trained in the Blue Cross, he went to Europe to find a place in Celta Vigo and gain trust in Mexican team. Currently, the defender is one of the players who is frequently called by Gerardo Tata Martino and various teams MX League They approached the footballer.

Nestor Araujo is 30 years old and his last team in the MX League it was Saintsthe set that catapulted him to Spain.

America went up to him to bring him to the Mx League and reinforce its defense, for the Opening 2022. The incorporation of him will cost four million dollars.

The first three million will be paid in an exhibition and the objectives to pay a million more are easy to meet, so it is expected that he will have a successful step in the America.

In addition to Americathe Juarez Braves and a team from the center of the country took an interest in the 30-year-old defender, who is in the running for a place in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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