The web goes crazy for Mateo Messi. Instead, this is not the son of the Argentine superstar.

The video went around the world, and in a few it generated the amazement of users who commented ecstatically. A super-talented play by someone who, however, is not Lionel Messi’s son.

The video that went around the world – which you can watch yourself below – seemed to feature a great play by Mateo Messi, the son of His Majesty Leo Messi.

Immediately the web was unleashed, complimenting the little footballer, recognizing – who is a true connoisseur – the talent of his father.

«It reminds me of Leo Messi who wears the Newells shirt and scores extraordinary goals like this !!! 🔥❤️. I hope he becomes another football genius, ”someone wrote,“ Wow, this is Messi himself ❤️ ”, added another.

Hyperbolic words were spent addressing the child who, however … is not Mateo Messi.

The yellow”

To begin with, Leo Messi has stated in the past that all of his children are right-handed, so it can’t be Mateo, as the kid in the video is a pure left-handed.

Secondly the Argentine ‘La Opinion Austral’ went to dig and found that the author of the incredible goal is a certain Ezequiel Llach, who played in the academy of Real Zaragoza.

Yeah, in the past. Because the video itself dates back to 2012, as confirmed by Ezequiel Llach himself, who unfortunately never switched to professional football.

«For me it is a compliment that they believe that the child is Mateo (Messi ed.). At any time I will share the reason why I was unable to become a professional, ”reads the tweet posted on the profile of Ezequiel Llach, an amateur footballer.

Thousands of talents have never blossomed, perhaps stopped by their own qualities and by the lack of others.

Giving beauty and fun is in the soul of the artist, whether it becomes famous or not are purely numerical issues.

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