The surprising reaction of Keanu Reeves when asked about NFTs that has gone viral on networks

NFTs are increasingly on the rise, with hundreds of thousands of users buying exclusive works of digital crypto art that many do not stop criticizing. However, while some are still trying to understand the success of this trend, the premiere of Matrix Resurrectionsthe fourth installment that will be released next week, has joined her.

Technology, the digital world or existence in a virtual or fake world, so to speak, are key elements of this film saga. Therefore, as reported by Variety, Warner Bros has released 100,000 NFTs that allow users, for 50 dollars (about 44 euros), get a “hyper-realistic metahuman” in the purest avatar style Matrix.

<p>In episode 16 of the third season, Sheldon tries to get an autograph from the genius of Marvel, who also wanted to participate in ‘The Big Bang Theory’.</p>
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<p class=Also, the buyers who have these exclusive pieces will be able to earn rewards, customize your appearance and take on different events like choosing to take the Red pill or the Blue pill, like in the movie.

Nevertheless, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Mosswho bring Neo and Trinity to life in Matrix, they were not aware of this strategyand the reaction of the 57-year-old actor has surprised the networks.

They made NFTs for the new movie, about 100,000, and the website went down in a few hours because there were about 300,000 people in line trying to buy these NFTs for $50,” the Verge journalist explained in his interview.

It is believed that a bot bought the NFTs.

What do you think of the concept of digital scarcity and of the things that cannot be copied?” he asked them. At that moment, Keanu Reeves laughed out loud and commented that these NFTs “can be easily reproduced”showing that he is not one of the most fervent followers of this technological trend.

“But it’s not the same, right?” the journalist replied. Then, the actor began to joke with Carrie-Anne Moss about the presence of a scene in the film with this topic. “Do we have a scene about that? No. I don’t actually think we were in a scene like that, it was probably played by other people.”

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