The cult series with Pamela Anderson, then the film: how Baywatch was born

Baywatch – which airs this evening at 9.30 pm on Tv 8 – is the film adaptation of the homonymous and successful television series that aired from 1989 until 2001, becoming a real cult of the 90s and launching characters that have become iconic such as Pamela Andersonwhich has recently returned to be talked about for the series Pam & Tommyavailable on Disney +.

Baywatch, the plot

In Emerald Bay, Florida, the beach is a place made safe by the presence of a large group of lifeguards ready to intervene at the first threat and the first danger. Leading the team is Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson), together with two colleagues Stephanie Holden (Ilfenesh Hadera) and CJ Parker (Kelly Rohrbach). Mitch, however, needs three more members to complete his team so that he is reliable and ready for any eventuality. This is how Matt Brody (Zac Efron), former professional swimmer full of arrogance, Summer Quinn (Alexandra Daddario), who immediately shows great intelligence, and Ronnie (Jon Bass), who applied to work on the team only because he was secretly in love with CJ

While the team tries to make a group, getting to know each other and collaborating – which is not a given – Victoria Leeds arrives in the city (Priyanka Chopra), suspected of selling a very dangerous drug called Flakka. When the first body is thrown from the sea, the lifeguards begin to investigate on their own, to the point of neglecting their main job. And this will lead to serious consequences for the team, as the corpses continue to increase.

The film based on the cult series

Directed by Seth Gordon based on a script by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, Baywatch it is a film that presents itself immediately without any artistic ambition. The film, in fact, does not care neither to go to the bottom in the construction of a plausible plot, nor to build action scenes that have their own credibility. The purpose of the film signed by Gordon is to make an entertaining film, fun and light, which could above all make happy those who followed the original series. From this point of view it is not surprising that this version of the Baywatch, arrived at the cinema in 2017, it is also enriched with two exceptional cameos: those, that is, of the aforementioned Pamela Anderson is that of David Hasselhoffthe actor who played the irreproachable captain of the lifeguard team in the main series.

Furthermore, just to please the fans of the series, the characters of the three “new” lifeguards were added to the film who are characters who appeared in the television series in the third and fourth season, the one that IMDB defines “the golden era” of the show and were among the audience’s favorites. Despite this honesty of intentions, in wanting to be nothing more than a funny film that paid homage to a cult series of the 90s, the film based on the series of Baywatch was so unanimously crushed by critics that, according to the website of the‘Internet Movie Data Base, Dwayne Johnson decided to tweet a protest, asserting that Baywatch was not a film made and meant for critics. As reported by Coming SoonHowever, despite the bad publicity from the press, a possible sequel to the film is already in the works, with the major actors of the cast ready to return.

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