Sitges Festival bets on virtual worlds in tribute edition to Tron – Culture

The International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, which will be held from October 6 to 16 in Sitges (Barcelona), bets on virtual worlds in the year in which the 40th anniversary of the film “Tron”, by Steven Lisberger, is celebrated , which has also inspired the poster for the 55th edition.

The director of the contest, Ángel Sala, together with the director of the Sitges Foundation, Mònica Garcia, announced this Tuesday that, in addition to entering the metaverse, the festival will offer in its official section the new proposals of old acquaintances such as Dario Argento, the Frenchman Quentin Dupieux and Peter Strickland, as well as the bands of names that are beginning to emerge such as Hanna Bergholm and Léa Mysius.

Also the feature film by Galician director Alberto Vázquez, who will present “Unicorn Wars”, an anti-war animation work with a French co-production, which has recently competed in the official section of the Annecy festival.

Sala has not ignored the fact that in 1982 there were other films more followed by viewers than “Tron”, such as “ET”, by Steven Spielberg, but he has stressed that “Tron” is a pioneering film, starring a young Jeff Bridges, who has influenced the genre for its narrative and will now allow debate among the festival audience.

Other “forty-year-old” films are “The Thing”, by John Carpenter, and “Blade Runner”, by Ridley Scott, which at the time did not have the favor of the public, as has happened later.

During the presentation this Tuesday, Sala has not revealed which will be the film of the opening session and which of the closing, although the negotiations are already very advanced, and neither has he discovered any of the guests who will attend this year, waiting to do it in a few days.

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