overuse of analgesics is not the solution for patients with migraine

For the specialist, patients should not live with pain, since there are enough treatments.

Dra. Franchesca Fiorito, neurologist and sub-specialist in headaches. Photo: Provided by the doctor to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

On the occasion of World Migraine Day, Dr. Franchesca Fiorito, neurologist and sub-specialist in headachesexplained that there are people in whom the brain never calms down, and this makes some resort to painkillers as a desperate measure and constant consumption, which does not help at all.

“It is very important that these patients do not overuse analgesic medications, but rather that they receive the correct treatment”, for that reason she was emphatic in pointing out that the diversity of symptoms in patients and their response to medications, makes it necessary to inform and emphasize the importance of treatment with a doctor to avoid their overuse.

As an additional aspect, he recalled that migraine is a condition that is suffered because the patient is predisposed, therefore, the triggering factors will develop it.

“One of the factors is stress, red wine, the omission of food, odors or other external stimuli like loud sounds or lights,” he said.

She recalled that “you don’t have to live with pain, because although there is no cure, today there are treatments to manage them and avoid severe and disabling episodes,” explained the neurologist, who added that patients should keep a diary of their symptoms, because many of the factors are very general and the reality is that each person is different.

each patient who suffers from migraine is an individual world and you really have to get to know your body, and what are those factors that affect them in order to work on it if they can be modified”, he said.

The doctor added that it is important for the patient to understand that changing their lifestyle without a doubt will help manage the impact of the symptoms, that is, the greater knowledge of triggersthe best chance there is of treatment.

However, although there are people who do everything well, sometimes it is not enough, that is why there are treatments and these vary according to the patient, taking into account the frequency, severity, associated symptoms, patient preference, lifestyle , among others.

Treatments for each stage of the condition

The doctor explained that there are two types of treatment, which are divided into acute or abortive, where the medicine helps to return to normal as soon as possible.

“These are taken at the time of pain to cut it and that is fine, as long as these attacks are sporadic, once or twice a month, and although it may be an over-the-counter medication, it is always advisable to discuss it with the doctor; or better yet, a specific drug targeted at migraine,” he said.

However, he clarified that if the attacks are more than 4 or more per month or are disabling, the patient should consider, when consulting with the specialist, a preventive.

“Preventive treatment is one that reduces in the long term how frequent it is -the migraine-, how severe the symptoms are and that if they give me I can stop it as soon as possible. There are drugs for daily consumption, monthly injections and other natural ones, ”he said.

He clarified that to date there is no universal medication, because each patient develops in his brain a mechanism of action “each patient has different mechanisms in his brain, the pathophysiology is not something that is completely known, because if it is an activity where neuropeptides are released at the molecular level, and there is one in particular that is being studied to find out how drugs block this exercise”.

To conclude, he indicated that the patient must know and recognize his symptoms, since this will allow him, together with the treating specialist, to have an adequate treatment.

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