Nicole Kidman celebrates 55 years

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but raised in Sydney, Australia, Nicole Kidman is one of the most important figures in contemporary Hollywood. Her charisma and her strength on the big screen have allowed her to portray a good number of personalities.

His debut was made on the tape Bush Christmas, in 1983 with only 16 years of age. Since then, she has participated in 94 projects for film and television, among which stand out Eyes wide Shutby Stanley Kubrick, or Moulin Rouge!by Baz Luhrmann.

To celebrate his 55th birthday, here are five movies you shouldn’t miss.

The hours

Mrs Dallowaya novel written by Virginia Woolf, serves as a point of union between the lives of three women: a pregnant housewife who prepares a party for her husband, a girl who plans a celebration for a sick friend and the writer herself.

Nicole Kidman, left-handed from birth, learned to write with her right hand, since Virginia Woolf was right-handed. The hours was the original title of the literary work written by Woolf, although he later changed the name to Mrs Dalloway. Reading the writer’s correspondence helped Kidman to delve into the psychology of her character.

The others

While waiting for her husband to return from the front lines during World War II, Grace moves with her children, who are suffering from a rare illness, to an old mansion. When they get there, unexplained events begin to occur.

Initially, Nicole Kidman did not want to participate in this film due to the nature of her character. The disease suffered by the children in the film really exists and is a genetic condition that has not affected more than a thousand people in history.

Moulin Rouge: love in red

Christian is a young English poet who, on the eve of the year 1900, arrives at the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris. There he meets Satine, a beautiful girl with whom he falls in love but who, in turn, is pursued by a duke.

The necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the tape was made with real diamonds and is valued at one million dollars. The film was chosen to open the 2001 edition of the Cannes Festival. Some of the costumes and sets are inspired by the posters made by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Eyes wide Shut

Dr. Bill Halford’s mental and emotional balance is jeopardized by a series of sexual incidents, ranging from the revelation of his wife’s fantasies to harassment by the daughter of one of his patients.

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick died four days after presenting the final cut of this film to Warner Bros. executives Steve Martin and Woody Allen were considered for roles in this film. During a visit to the recording set, director Paul Thomas Anderson offered Tom Cruise a role in a film that would become a benchmark in the actor’s career: Magnolia.


For unknown reasons, Grace arrives in the town of Dogville seeking refuge, which she finds in return for supporting the local people in their daily activities. When the sheriff of a nearby town tells them that she is wanted from her, the neighbors change the treatment they have with Grace, turning her almost into a slave.

The film is based on Three Cent Opera, written by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht. It is said that Lars von Trier directed some scenes completely nude to provoke his actors. It was the first of three films dedicated to the United States by the Danish director.

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