John Laurinaitis is removed from the WWE Relations and Talent department

Several days ago, it was revealed that WWE was investigating a series of misconduct towards several administrative sector employees by Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis. The company discovered a siphoning of three million dollars intended for non-disclosure agreements for former workers.

Although a decision has not yet been reached regarding his person, “Johnny Ace” has chosen to step aside from his obligations to WWE. After his absence in the last RAW and SmackDown, the news portal Fightful Select confirmed that John Laurinaitis is no longer Head of Talent and Relations of the company. All workers were notified of this news, as well as the election of Bruce Prichard as his acting replacement.

Fightful revealed that there are mixed opinions regarding this decision. On the one hand, Laurinaitis’ departure was practically celebrated behind the company’s backstage. However, the choice of a head of the creative team as head of talent raised more than one eyebrow. Among the superstars began to be harvested the fear that the show prevails over their personal needs, such as requesting time out of the schedule. An unnamed talent joked with Fightful that “Vince seems to only know three people” to fill in.

What happened with John Laurinaitis is just one of multiple consequences that has left the investigation previously mentioned. Last Friday, Vince McMahon resigned from his work as CEO and General Director of WWE. His daughter Stephanie McMahon was immediately announced as his interim replacement, and it was quickly confirmed that Vince would continue to be linked to the company in his creative work for the TV shows. John Laurinaitis held no other position within the company in addition to his leadership in the talent department.

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