Joaquín Reyes is Kim Kardashian: “Taking off Marilyn’s dress was like taking the cover off a fuet”

The king of chameleons but only because he likes to eat flies. Joaquín Reyes today becomes an icon of the millennium, Kim Kardashian.

There is not a single surface in your house that cannot be reflected. Kim has her house full of mirrors. “In the carpet reflections in me, in the children the same, I have varnished them”, she assures.

Did he destroy Marilyn’s dress?

The celebrity has been submerged in a bit of controversy for wearing the dress with which Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to Kennedy at the last MET gala.

This valued at more than 4 million euros, little joke, and according to the photographs that have been released… It seems that Kim has torn it. Marilyn and Kim did not have the same size and although the celebrity knew it was risky… she managed to put it on, but it is undeniable that the garment has suffered damage.

Some stone has fallen, but it was not well finished off. The armholes, the stitching… To take it off was like taking the cover off a fuet, I was glad to take it off, “recalls our Kim. She had to lose seven kilos to put it on.

Also, our Kim tells us that the dress “smelled like cuckoo”. “It smelled like moth… That dress is from prehistory, when people rode on horseback,” she recalls. “These are things that they have told me because I didn’t even read or anything,” she says.

Not much was said about her hairstyle and makeup, and that she worked hard enough. “That day before I woke up already there were people who were doing my makeup while I slept, people who are dedicated to restoration“, reveals in rigorous exclusive.

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