Jennifer Aniston changed her look and they say it’s “the style of the year”

During the 10 seasons that the successful series Friends lasted, Jennifer Aniston He gave enough style chair with his haircuts and hairstyles. Many of them, they were used again in the last seasons and in fact, “Rachel Green” He even has his own haircut named after him. Now, the actress was encouraged to change her look and social networks went crazy: the result? several already want to copy the proposal and call it “the style of the year”.

The stylist to the stars Chris McMillan He shared a photo on his social networks with the protagonist of Friends, where you could see the new haircut and color details that he did to Aniston. In the plate, Jennifer could be seen with an asymmetrical lob or long bob at shoulder height, hairstyle in waves and with reflections in brown and blonde tones.

Jennifer Aniston changed her look and they say she is
Jennifer Aniston with her stylist with her new look.

“Nothing better than a summer cut for Jennifer Aniston. She loves to keep the natural texture of her hair”, The stylist wrote next to the image that earned countless likes. “A good haircut can do almost all the work for you to change your look”, sentenced.

This is a new style for the award-winning actress, who in the past has been “tired” of setting trends with her hair. In fact, “the Rachel cut” continues to triumph more than 25 years later: it is a layered shag with lots of movement that is totally in style today.

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