USA 2022 117 minutes

Address Gary Alazraki Script matt lopezbased on the novel by Edward Streeter Photography Igor Jadue-Lillo Music Terence Blanchard interpreters Andy García, Gloria Estefan, Adria Arjona, Isabela Merced, Diego Boneta, Chloe Fineman, Rubén Rabasa, Enrique Murciano, Marta Velasco, Pedro Damián, Macarena Achaga, Laura Harring, Sean Patrick Dawson, Ana Fábrega hbo max

The usual and easiest thing when we are faced with the umpteenth revision of a legendary script, and even more so when it comes to such a happy key and with as much Latin flavor as is the case, is to dispatch it with a certain contempt and condescension, lest it be that we branded soft and sentimental. The American film debut of Mexican director Gary Alazraki, after the success achieved in his country with his first film We the noblebased in turn on the film by Luis Buñuel the great skull, is another remake, in this case of the 1950 film starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor, which also had a version in 1991 with Steve Martin. We will risk admitting that of the three this is the one we liked the most, and that we are unconditional supporters of Vincente Minnelli. She that she based her comedy on her father’s impotence in the face of the imminent loss of her daughter at the hands of marriage, at the same time that she dissected in a more or less veiled way the radically bourgeois behavior of the american society. No analytical interest, much less critical, informed the inconsequential comedy that Charles Shyer signed forty years later for Steve Martin’s greater brilliance. The ingenious work of readjustment that Matt López has carried out, despite the fact that in his curriculum there are hardly any second-rate fantasy and science fiction films, such as the sorcerer’s apprentice either The haunted Mountain, turns the novel by Edward Streeter on which the other two films were based into a mere pretext, because here it is not the problem of the father who sees how a youngster rips his precious daughter from his hands, but the fate of his own marriage, while the entire company serves to make a portrait, of course always from the kindness and romantic feeling, of the Latin community in the United States, but with the novelty that it is the one that has managed to fulfill the dream American and also assumes its miseries, facing the problem of refugees and immigrants, increased after the Trump administration, adopting values ​​that only fit in the traditions of long ago imposed as a dogma of faith. In all that universe they shine, and that is where the greatest achievement of the film lies, the women, who have gone from being a mere adornment or a symbol of submission, to starring in their lives, making their decisions, and always going ahead in progress. and freedoms to the path that the cipotecerebritos continue to trace. That and the joy that the whole company gives off, thanks to an agile and fun staging, a splendid soundtrack, mainly Latin jazz, and the absolute dedication of its entire cast, starting with a recovered Andy García and a stupendous Gloria Estefan , not very likely to appear on screen and with only one protagonist behind her, Music of the heart in 1999 with Meryl Streep, and ending with the recovery of Laura Harring, the beautiful protagonist of Mulholland Drive, in a supporting role. Cinema to get excited and enjoy, with an obvious rush of joy and vitality included.

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