Chris Hemsworth is praised for his role in “The Head of the Spider” and there are already rumors of Oscar

The race of Chris Hemsworth He made a huge leap after his role in the first Thor movie and since then, the actor has continued to demonstrate his great acting talent in multiple films, most recently in “Spider’s Head”which he also produces and in which he works hand in hand with the director of “Top Gun: Maverick”.

The official synopsis for the film is as follows: “In the near future, inmates are offered the opportunity to undergo medical experiments to shorten their sentence. One of the subjects, injected with a drug that generates feelings of love, begins to question his emotions”, for what seems to be a story full of intrigue.

Could “The Head of the Spider” mean an Oscar nomination for Chris Hemsworth?

The film, based on a short story published in The New Yorker, is now available in the Netflix catalog and the specialized media have quickly begun to talk about it, highlighting Hemsworth’s performance as the best in a somewhat mediocre film. poorly done.

According to Natalia Trzenko, critic of the newspaper “La Nación”, she assured that although the actor’s intentions are very good “they are not enough to compensate for the obviousness of the plot”. On the other hand, she also commented in her review “if any conclusion can be drawn from this film, it is that the actor has capacity to spare and that he only needs the right project to demonstrate it.”

On the other hand, in the networks, many fans of the actor, who follow his work for his role as Thor, have been surprised by the range that he shows in the film, doing an excellent job despite moving away a lot from what he has shown in the movies. Marvel movies.

The odds stack against Chris Hemsworth

Although there are many who have affirmed that the performance of the Australian is surprising and that it should be highlighted, he may find himself in a difficult position in front of the industry awards, since it seems to be the only thing that can be saved from the film.

Historically, good performances are often squashed by the overall quality of the film, while another thing that works against Chris is the fact that it is a science fiction film, a genre that receives very little love from the academy. .

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