Chiara Iezzi and the violence suffered: the worrying message

Yesterday, Chiara Iezzi shared a cryptic post, denouncing that she is often subjected to unjustified violence. The message aroused particular concern on the part of the followers, who did not hesitate to send all their support to the former singer now actress. To intervene, it was also her sister Paola of hers.

To arouse particular concern yesterday was a enigmatic post shared on their own Instagram page by Chiara Iezzi, L’ex “blonde” of the iconic duo Paola & Chiara. The singer today television and theater actressposted one click dating back to a year ago that portrays her smiling and apparently carefree. Unfortunately, however, the caption chosen to accompany the image is not the same. Through a few and synthetic lines, Chiara Iezzi summarily denounces suffering “violence for no reason”, without however giving further explanations. To react under the post, some famous people, including his sister Paola.

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Chiara Iezzi’s criprico post on Instagram: “I often suffer violence for no reason”

“I post a smile from almost a year ago. I haven’t smiled for a few months, these are strange and complex days, I often suffer violence for no reason, this is a small message to ask if the violence against me can be stopped “. This is the worrying and ambiguous message posted yesterday by Chiara Iezzi on Instagram. The alarming words shared by theex of the musical duo Paola and Chiara aroused particular bewilderment in her fans and followers, to whom the actress sent a symbolic hug at the end of the caption.

The social reactions to Chiara’s complaint

At the moment, it is not known what kind of violence Iezzi is a victim of And who he was addressing in this post, which looks a lot like a call for help. The most loyal followers of the Milanese artist, however, did not take long to send her all their support, showing alarmed by the words accompanying the shot. Different the affectionate and apprehensive comments that have gathered under the photosome of which also left by celebrities like Sandra Milo, who tried to comfort Chiara with these words: “I don’t know who and why made you the object of unjustified violence but if they come from people unknown to you, don’t give them any weight. We should only be hurt by the behavior of the people we care about. A big hug “, and theex gieffino Filippo Nardi, who intervened with the following question: “violence?”.

The comment of his sister Paola

The participation of the younger sister was not lacking Paola Iezzinow 48, who posted a concise but impactful comment, writing: “Be strong”an incitation accompanied by the emoticon of the heart and that of the muscle, as a to urge Chiara to react and bring out the strongest and most combative side of herself.

The comment to thank the fans

Faced with the unanimous reaction aroused by this post, Chiara Iezzi could not help but thank all the people who intervened to support it. In one of the comments left under the photo, it is possible, in fact, to read the thank you message written and published by the same author of the post: “Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the wonderful messages. I love you so much.”.

Chiara Iezzi today: from the duo ‘Paola and Chiara’ to the career of actress

Today Chiara Iezzi is 49 years old and shuttles between Milanhis hometown, and Los Angeleswhere he studied acting. It seems like a lifetime has passed since the new millennium opened on the notes of “Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva)”the summer hit with which Paola and Chiara have climbed to the top of the charts and conquered the podium of the Festivalbar.

The duo, officially born in ’96 and made famous thanks to the support of Max Pezzaliof which the Iezzi sisters were initially choristersbegan a Sanremo Young with the single “Travelling” and, the following year, in 1997, it was awarded the victory among the New Proposals with the song “Amici come prima”. After the initial success that overwhelmed them, Paola and Chiara decide to take different paths and the 2013 officially sanctions the end of their musical collaboration. At this news, inferences follow one another and gossip on possible discords between the sisters, rumors that come definitively denials in 2020when, interviewed by Fabio Fazio a What’s the weather like, Paola and Chiara clarify that there was no quarrel between them, specifying that they simply “embraced different life projects “.

Paolain fact, he continued with the musical career as a soloisttaking part, even if for a short time, in the edition of The Voice of 2015. On the contrary, Clear he decided to completely change course, graduating from design and studying acting. In 2015 acts alongside Giancarlo Giannini and Franco Nero in the movie “The boy from Giudecca”while in the 2021 figure as a guest star in the rai fiction “Inspector Coliandro”. In the 2022instead, we will see her in the role of co-star in the film produced by Amazon Prime USA and Canada “The Solemn Show”, directed by the Apulian director Eros D’Antona.


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We hope that the future holds wonderful surprises for Chiara and that she can get out of any difficult situation she may be in right now.

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