Camille Vasquez will defend Johnny Depp again in a new trial

The jurist will have to battle against the harsh argument of Gregg Brookswhich ensures that the eccentricities and violent outbreaks of Johnny Depp, including that alleged assault, contributed to creating “a hostile, abusive and dangerous work environment” during the recording of the film. Likewise, and as a result of the offer that Johnny supposedly made to settle the matter without going through the courts, the actor has stated that he suffered additional “humiliations”.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Defamation Trial Continues
Camille Vasquez

That proposal was, according to what is clear from the court documents, to receive 100 million dollars in compensation and also the opportunity to punch him back, in this case in the face of Johnny. The response to this surreal initiative, as has finally become clear, has been the registration of a lawsuit that also affects the director and the producers of the aforementioned film. They have reacted to Gregg Brooks’ statement by denying that the events occurred according to this description. According to his version, Johnny Depp limited himself to defending a woman he was talking to, destitute and black, from the insults and other outbursts directed at him by the aforementioned ‘Rocky’.

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