Camille Vasquez will again defend Johnny Depp in court for assault charges against him | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- The fame of Camille Vasquez shot to the top from the media judgment for defamation of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Thousands of fans were captivated by the professional development that the lawyer maintained throughout the trial, so much so that even some fans want to make her president of the United States.

After such a brilliant participation, she not only became an icon of American culture, but also received an invitation to become one of the partners of the firm she works for and, surely, many celebrities that they encounter legal problems, they will take it into account to reach a solution.

It has recently been announced that Vasquez will return to represent Depp in a new trial who will face assault charges against.

The protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean“was sued by a man named Gregg “Rocky” Brookswho accuses him of having repeatedly beaten during tape recording”City of Lies2“.

Has a reputation for being aggressive

According to Brooks’ version, the events occurred in April 2017, when tempers on the set “heated up” after he criticized one of Depp’s scenes, for which the actor yelled at him in front of everyone and hit him “maliciously and forcefully” twice on the ribs. In addition, he claims that Johnny’s bodyguards removed him from the scene and that he was fired from the film after he refused to sign an agreement in which he promised not to sue Depp.

The news that Camille will repeat as defense of the actor was released a couple of days ago by the new york postin addition to anticipating that the judges they could favor johnny in the case, since he has solid evidence that would prove his innocence.

will be the next June 25th when the actor appears to testify before the jury, but many already take a new victory for granted for Vasquez and his client.

It should be noted that the lawyer had declared a few weeks ago that she would meet with Depp again and this new trial could be the reason.

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