Bruce Willis’ claim to Sylvester Stallone that left him out of ‘The Expendables 3’

Sylvester Stallone had to make a difficult decision after Bruce Willis' request to appear in the third Expendables movie.


The indestructibles is a series of action movies directed by and starring Sylvester Stallonenext to great movie stars of the 80s. The audiovisual proposal managed to be a success at the box office since its premiere, several filmsin which we were able to enjoy renowned Hollywood actors, including Bruce Williswhom we saw in the first and second installments, unfortunately he did not appear in the third because he was fired.

Yes, although it is incredible to believe, the actor, known for his leading role in Hard to Kill (1988), was withdrawn from the successful production after failing to reach an agreement. The person who announced the news to him was himself. Stallone, who would have tried to retain him at first. It was so in the third filmyour character, Mr. Church, no longer appeared in the plot.

Bruce Willis in one of the scenes of The Expendables (Europa Press/)

Bruce Willis in one of the scenes of The Expendables (Europa Press/)

Following his departure from The Expendables 3which was released in August 2014, action movie fans and Willis fans are wondering what was the specific reason he was kicked out of the movie. If you don’t know either, we’ll tell you below.

Sylvester Stallone fired Bruce Willis from The indestructibles

After the box office success of The Expendables 2 (2010), which managed to raise 315 million dollars, more than triple the cost of production, since a third movie was thoughtso several well-known actors were going to continue in the new installment. Bruce Willis was one of them.

Because he knew that his presence was important in history and because he was surrounded by other stars of his time, made the decision to demand payment according to his acting quality. It was so he asked Sylvester Stallone, who was the producer, for a raise.

Sylvester Stallone tomó  the decision to fire Willis from the plot (Rolf Vennenbernd/)

Sylvester Stallone made the decision to fire Willis from the plot (Rolf Vennenbernd/)

How much salary did Bruce Willis demand from Sylvester Stallone?

Without hesitation, Willis asked for payment of 4 million dollars for four days of work, that is, a million dollars per day. Given this requirement, Stallone offered him 3 million for all those days, but he refused.

Without more to say, Sylvester decided to dispense with his servicesHe even made this situation known on his social networks and took the opportunity to announce, in addition to Bruce’s departure, the joining the cast of Harrison Ford.

The day Sylvester Stallone said goodbye to The indestructibles

In October 2021the actor announced the end of his participation in the successful saga after recording his last scene of the fourth film. “This will be my last day”began in his message.

Although there is still much to do around the end of filming, the role of “Sly” in this film will not be long. On this occasion, the leading role will be Lee Christmasinterpreted by Jason Statham.

Through his official Instagram account, the actor who starred in the sagas Rocky Y Rambo He shared a video where he assured that he had successfully filmed his last action sequence.

this is my last day, so I’m enjoying it, but it’s bittersweet. You know, it’s something that I was very involved in, I think it was 12 years and I am ready to pass the baton to Jason, to his capable hands”, stated Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone said goodbyeó  of the sagas of Los indestructibles after starring in the first three films (Archive/)

Sylvester Stallone said goodbye to the sagas of The Expendables after starring in the first three films (File /)

“The great thing is being able to write a movie for someone, to entertain. Maybe there’s a little message out there, because what I try to achieve in my successful films is the human touch, the bond. Not so much the action, this is evident, it is to relate to the audience so that it identifies with whatever mission the characters have”, added the actor.

The Expendables 4 is directed by Scott Waugh and will also feature the return of Dolph Lundgren as “Gunner Jensen” and Randy Couture in the role of “Toll Road”. They will be joined by well-known actors such as Curtis Jackson, Megan Fox, Tonny Jaa and Andy Garcia.


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