Billie Eilish joins the NFT universe

The company owned by the American singer-songwriter billie eilish and that is dedicated to protecting her music and brand called Lash Music LLC requested the registration of two trademarks with the singer’s logo blohshas well as documents that imply a future expansion in the industry of NFT either non-fungible tonkens.

Michael Kondoudistrademark attorney licensed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)confirmed the trademark applications of Lash Music LLC for Eilish and the logo “blohsh”; intended to cover tokens non-expendable, according to the documentation sent to Benzinga.

The documents cite “Digital Materials, namely Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs; downloadable digital media, namely, digital collectibles created using blockchain-based software technology; downloadable video game software; Downloadable virtual products, namely, computer software programs that include in-game resources, tokens, and virtual currency for use in video games and online virtual worlds”.

Kondoudis said that he is “not surprised by these performances” as they follow similar examples from prominent names in the music industry.

“In addition, it is no longer unusual for recording artists to file trademark applications for NFTs,” Kondoudis notes.

For its part, Universal Music Group (UMG) recently announced a partnership with the NFT platform Curium; Since Eilish is one of UMG’s most popular recording artists, it was expected that she would apply for relevant trademarks.

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