Best marks EBAU 2022: they choose to study Medicine

Patricia Adrados and Touayba Bakkali.

Little by little, the EBAU grades are becoming known by autonomous communities and the brightest students in our country receive the good news knowing that the effort they have made for years has been worth it. Patricia Adrados Y Touayba Bakkali They have obtained two of the best grades in Spain in access to the University and both are clear that their future is the Medicine.

Patricia Adrados is a young woman from La Rioja who has obtained a total of 13.98 points on average in his University access note of the maximum possible 14, which opens the doors to any career he wants to study, although he does not have to think about it much. His choice was made before he knew the note.

In statements to Medical Writing, Adrados explains that she had made her decision clear since she was a child: “I have always been interested in Biology and Science”, she confesses. But his passion goes further. “Can diagnose patients and treat their illnesses” is the weight that tipped the scales for this woman from La Rioja to opt for Medicine. “I want to help people”, she explains to Medical Writing pointing out that within him he already feels the vocational component shared by all professionals in the health sector.

Adrados: “I like being able to diagnose patients and treat their illnesses. I want to help people”

“Since I was little I always said that I wanted to study this career”, she assures before clarifying “although I hesitated to do Pharmacy because my parents are pharmacists, but in the end, being able to do this degree, I decided on that path”. Although she is more hesitant about the specialty: “As I haven’t started yet, I’m not very sure”. However, she confesses take an interest in “the brain”so that in the future he will probably choose to study “the residency in Neurology“.

Study at a private university with an international MIR

His place is already assured, because Adrados will study Medicine at a private university center that imposes other access criteria for which the grade obtained at the EBAU is not taken into account. The Rioja requested access there for the next course 2022/2023 seduced by a international program which, in his opinion, can pave the way in the workplace.

“I would like to work abroad some time and they have an international program where they prepare you for do the MIR in the United States“, he explains in statements to Medical Writing. “If I like the show, I’ll try to do something like that to pass a time outside of Spain“, he concludes.

An ‘honours’ student

Touayba Bakkali is another of the best grades in Spain at the EBAU in 2022. Resident in Toledo Gate, a Castilian-Manchego town, this student has obtained a grade of 13.89 points. The young woman assures that she expected a good grade since she has “efforted a lot, but not so high because she was uncertain about the controversial Mathematics exam.”

When the qualifications were made public in his autonomous community, he confesses that “it was a very exciting moment that I shared with my family”, an exaltation for the effort behind two years of high school in which “the grade for the first year is 9.88 and for the second with honors, having an average of ten. The score for the two years is 9.94”.

With the doors of his future open before his eyes, Bakkali explains to this newspaper that he is clear about what he is going to study in the coming years: “Medicine.” And she will apply for a place in the Complutense University of Madridwhere last year a cut-off mark of 13.5 points was required for the degree Therefore, with what she obtained between her Baccalaureate and her EBAU exams, she should have no problem being admitted and fulfilling the dream she has had since childhood.

Bakkali: “I always played with my brother at being a doctor, but in high school it was clear to me, feeling that commitment of wanting to serve others”

“As a child I always played with my little brother at being a doctor, but when I started high school I had it even clearer, feeling that commitment to want to serve others“, Explain .

A life dedicated to others

Bakkali assures that in his family there is no background in the branches of Science, he explains that his brothers have opted for studies related to social sciences such as Law or Social Work, but their choice is decided “simply by vocationsince it is comforting to know that I can dedicate my life to others,” he says.

Although he has not yet decided what his specialty will be, what he does have in mind is that “it is a career that changes your life completely. It is a very demanding profession so it is necessary to have personnel who are by vocation and willing to get involved”, he settles.

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