America will have a great team! With Jonathan Rodríguez as reinforcement, this is how the Águilas would play

Fernando Ortiz will have a player of proven quality in his attack axis and could be the missing piece to be a contender for the title in the Apertura 2022.

Cabecita Rodríguez is the star reinforcement of America.
© picture 7Cabecita Rodríguez is the star reinforcement of America.

America finally has the piece she wanted so badly. Jonathan Rodríguez officially became a player of America for the Apertura 2022 tournament, with which one of the so-called bomb signings of the summer market in Mexican soccer was consummated, since it is a proven element in our country.

One of the main reasons why the Azulcrema board went to the market to look for a striker with a goal was the lack of annotations of their attackers in the last footballing year. Between Federico Viñas and Henry Martín they converted only eight goals, a very low figure for the expectations generated in Coapa.

Now, with the certainty that they will have Cabecita on the squad, the coaching staff headed by Fernando Ortiz will have more weapons to offend, although tentatively his tactical scheme could change little or nothingonly man-by-man modifications, which can also include Nestor Araujo in central defense.

On the closing of the last tournament, the tano ortiz found his ideal striker with Roger Martinez Y Alexander Zendejas open by the bands, Diego Valdes as midfielder and Federico Viñas as center forward. That’s where he would come in Rodriguezto be the spearhead in the Americanist offensive.


That said, and subject to some other start operation in America, the Millionaires could play the following tournament in this way: William Ochoa in the bow; Jorge Sanchez as a right back Nestor Araujo and Sebastián Cáceres in the central, while louis sources would complete the line of defenders; the midfield would be taken by Richard Sanchez Y Alvaro Fidalgowhile on the wings they would be placed Alexander Zendejas Y Roger Martinez; Diego Valdes It would be the hitch on the back of Cabecita Rodríguez.

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