Accident for “Drake”: one of his imitators removed from a club


21.06.2022 – 18:150

Spotted by some friends of the real rapper, he was quickly turned away from security.

He defends himself: “It was a staging to promote the new album.” But the promoter denies it.

by Editorial staff
Manuel Marasco

LOS ANGELES – Drake got tired of Drake. At first glance it may seem like a paradox, but it is the reality of the facts. There is a man who, according to what Tmz reported, takes advantage of his similarity with the well-known singer, getting paid to impersonate him. But it doesn’t go down at all.

Last weekend, at Area 29 in Houston, the fake Drake was filmed in a video that ended immediately on Instagram, as he is removed from the club’s security. Promoters DJ Eric and Chris Chizer would have noticed him and pushed for him to be kicked out, in the name of loyalty to the artist.

But something is wrong and the alleged Drake would have spoken, claiming that it was all a hoax to promote the real rapper’s new album, “Honestly Nevermind”. While Houston Ross, the promoter who shot the video, told TMZ Hip Hop that the fight would have been spontaneous. The fake Drake and his manager would pay the $ 30 ticket like any other customer.

Ross further explains that seeing the imposter would send him on a rampage, since DJ Eric and Drake are longtime friends. Also, the singer himself has his own private section within Area 29, so it wouldn’t make any sense to promote the fake Drake from a business point of view.

The new album, “Honestly Nevermind”, is a journey through more house sounds than the artist’s previous works, but in line with the need – always felt – to make his style more and more pop / commercial.

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