A 119-minute action movie that is NOT suitable for the sensitive; grossed $176 million and is on HBO Max

If you are one of the people who loves movies within the thriller and action genre and you are looking for a movie recommendation that makes you think of futuristic events, the film that we recommend below could meet these expectations, since even users assure that it is of a production that is one of the best in the catalog on HBO Max.

It is titled “Looper”, which is within the American science fiction and action genre, which was written and directed by Rian Johnson; was selected as the opening film of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Subsequently, the film was released in Australia in 2012, obtaining good acceptance and criticism from the public specialized in the seventh art; also in its premiere in the United States and the United Kingdom it obtained good comments.

What is “Looper” about?

“Looper”, follows a story set in 2044, in the United States, where there is an economic collapse, which has generated social problems and the growth of organized crime; In addition, a strange mutation reaches the population, which generates limited telekinetic powers in 10 percent of the population.

Then travel through time is invented in 2074, which is prohibited, although it is used by criminal organizations to send those they want dead in the future; it starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

Below we show you the trailer of this film that managed to position itself as one of the public’s favorites, and that was made with a budget of 30 million dollars, raising around 176 million dollars; was produced by Ram Bergman and James D. Stern from a screenplay by Rian Johnson:


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