15 celebrities who have microblading (well or badly done) on their eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows not only make the look prettierThey also have a rejuvenating effect that can be compared to the power of a proper haircut, makeup or fresh highlights. That is why microblading is the technique to perfect the eyebrows that everyone talks about and that has more followers in the whole world. Microblading, in addition to achieving a perfect and defined shape of the eyebrows, makes them populated, plumper and bushy.with the perfect color and design for each of us.

Microblading guide: what is it, how much does it cost and what result can you expect

But there is more. Microblading is also a very practical touch-up since it avoids having to make up your eyebrows daily or worry about sweat or when you go to the beach or pool. A great touch-up for women with little time, in addition to correcting problems of alopecia due to age or excessive hair removal. However, like all aesthetic touch-ups, it must be done in the hands of professionals and with all the security measures so as not to have to regret it later.


Microblading is one of the fashionable aesthetic treatments and with spectacular results as long as you put yourself in the hands of professionals. The result is natural; improvement of the appearance and symmetry of the upper third of the face; rejuvenation of the look or improvement of self-esteem in patients with alopecia. However, Keep in mind that if it is not done well it can have bad consequences.

  • The choice of a color or blurred strokes.
  • Too deep a wound that leaves a scar and makes the pigment look like spots and does not finish eliminating over time.
  • Excessive swelling or poor design, which generates an unwanted asymmetry, and, in most cases, triggers a self-esteem problem for the client/patient.
  • The correct shape and drawing of the eyebrow is also basic, as well as the strokes. They have to be hair to hair and not in a fuzzy shade.

After performing microblading, there are risks of infection that require some care. Experts advise cleaning and even the use of a skin antibiotic. Something that should be advised exclusively by a specialist who knows the case and has followed this process, in order to avoid greater evils. May have mild side effects such as swelling or redness. Therefore, a skin sensitivity test can be done on an inconspicuous area before applying the treatment to measure the skin’s reaction.


The prices of the sessions vary, but all of them range between 400 and 500 euros per session. It is a 2 or 3 hour treatment (depending on the state of each person’s eyebrows). However, after a month a touch-up is usually needed, which is included in the initial price.


Micropigmentation is not the same as microblading. The main difference is that micropigmentation is a shading that is practiced with a machine, while microblading is a hair by hair with a 3D effect that is practiced with a freehand scalpel. A) Yes, the effects of microblading last between 6 months and 1 year, and micropigmentation between 1 and 3 years. In both cases it never completely disappears, but you always have to review.

The biggest difference between microblading and microshading is that in microshading the eyebrow filling technique the incisions are very small, it is more of a stippling that gives the sensation of shading instead of the fine hairs that microblading draws. The tip of the needle with which microshading is performed is very fine with a ‘powder’ effect, while microblading is a ‘hair by hair’ effect.

Microblading: 25 before and after photos for you to decide


The effects of microblading last between 6 months and 1 year, although it can be a little longer depending on the type of skin. In oily skin, microblading can disappear sooner. Depending on each skin, the duration is variable. In oily skin it can start to fade in about 5 or 6 months. In dry skin it can last up to a year and a half. If you have had a bad experience with microblading or want to completely eliminate a previous touch-up to start the technique from scratch and have better results some centers remove it with laserjust like tattoos but much easier since it is a semi-permanent makeup.


The final color that we apply is chosen based on the client’s natural hair and skin type. “It is important to choose the color of the pigment properly. In the event that in the first session the color is too light, in the revision after a month we can increase the tone. In the event that the color of the eyebrows is white and is tinted , we will choose the tone based on the color of the dye and the hair. In the case of complete alopecia or an almost hairless eyebrow, we will choose the pigment based on the tone of the hair“, the microblading expert Rosa Ordóñez from Tu cara bonita has explained to us.


There are many celebrities who wear microblading and more and more who succumb to the charms of this technique to show off perfect eyebrows. Blanca Suárez, Paula Echevarría, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Rocío Osorno, Lujan Argüelles, Tamara Falcó… Also many foreign celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer López have completely changed their look and have ‘ removed’ years with the aesthetic touch-up of fashionable eyebrows. The before and afters of her eyebrows are impressive!


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