Cruz Azul works renovation with Ángel Romero and Santiago Giménez

After extending the link with Sebastián Jurado, now the sky-blue board intends to renew the contracts of the two strikers

Once Blue Cross closed this Thursday the last details for the renewal of goalkeeper Sebastián Juradothe directive will focus on extending the contracts of the Paraguayan Angel Romero and the Mexican team Santiago Gimenez.

The idea is to continue the relationship with the 29-year-old Guaraní attacker and with the 21-year-old Aztec striker, since the contracts of both end on December 31 and, if an agreement is not reached before July 1, The two players could openly negotiate with the club of their choice and go free from January 1, 2023.

sources told ESPN that there is a lot of optimism in consummating the contract renewals with both elements of the sky-blue offensive, beyond the fact that their permanence for the 2022 Opening is guaranteed, unless a juicy offer for one arrives in this summer market.

In the case of Rosemarythe celestial directive will meet with its representative this Friday to offer an extension of one year or even an additional year and a half to its current contract, which has six months left.

That is, if the Paraguayan player signed for one more year, he would be linked to the club until December 31, 2023, and if he did so for 1.5 years, then it would be until June 30, 2024 because said agreements would be additional to the original link. that Rosemary signed with Blue Cross on February 1 last, when he signed for 11 months (all of 2022) with the club.

In the case of Gimenezthe talks with his agent are intended to take place from the weekend onwards and the idea is that the son of Christian “Chaco” Giménez can renew a multi-year agreement for three or four more years with Blue Cross.

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