Profeco alert, Audi and Volkswagen at risk of fire

The Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) has issued a couple of Quick Alerts through its communication channels such as social networks in which it warns drivers of some car models of the brands volkswagen Y Audiso that customers who have one of the affected models come to review their vehicles.

These are faults detected in units of about Models that it will be necessary for the owners of these cars to go to the company to make them a free review to rule out inconveniences or, in case of detecting the problem, proceed to its repair whose costs will be borne by the firm.

The affected models are those of the German company Audi A8 years 2020 and 2021, which presents faults in the rear axle of the vehicle; while in the case of the Volkswagen company, also German, the warning is to car owners Cupra Ateca of the years 2020 and 2021, Cupra Formentor and Cupra Leon of the same years.

In these the failure consists of a flaw in the engine design coverthat in some cases it has been detected that they are not well fastened and some conditions in use or simply with the passage of time can detach from their site.

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This situation is serious because the cover could get burned by contact with the exhaust gas turbocharger and the risk of this causing a fire forces the company to call customers who have these cars to take a look at them. personnel at the company’s facilities to determine if your unit is one of those affected or not.

There, only people trained for this inspection will carry out the procedure, removing the design cover of the engine from its place to carry out the verification, with which it is sought to reduce the number of units circulating at risk and ideally managing all cases so that they do not there are more cars with the problem.

The inspection campaign for Audi cars began on March 17 of this year and in the case of VW cars the alert is also from this 2022 to serve customers who present their vehicles to clear up doubts or if required, fix the reported problems at no cost to the unit owner.

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In the event that you drive one of these models, it is convenient that you answer the call and present your car so that they can check it and solve the problem in case it is detected in your unit, all at the expense of the company so that you can enjoy a reliable car and surein addition to respecting your rights as consumer.

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