Say so’s Doja cat retires? Find out more about her

Who is Doja Catthe singer of Say I know? The artist, whose songs are popular on TikTokfollowed on the social by 24.8M and on Instagram from 23.9M followers. After listening and dancing Say I know by Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, or Woman released last December, it is worth knowing who it is and what origins does Doja Cat have? Yes, also because they could be the singer’s latest artistic releases! Find out more about the song with Cosmopolitan Say I knowabout the singer Doja Cat and on the artist’s most famous songs: from Doja Cat – Streets to Doja Cat – Need to know

Doja cat – Say so, a song still viral today

“Say so” by Doja Cat together with Nicki Minaj, it comes out on May 1st ’21 and benefited from the tow of TikTok, in a few days it grinds at least half a billion streams and reaches # 1 in the ranking Hot 100 by Billboard. “Say so” it is a piece with groovy sounds, video and sounds that offer a dose of musical nostalgia for references to pieces such as Good Times by Chic, from 1979. Doja Cat writes “Say so” with his collaborators Lydia Asra and Yeti Beats. The song is produced by Dr Luke (who has previously worked with Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry). The passage in question is a classic example of success thanks to social networks, in this case TikTok. Doja Cat with this song receives 2 nominations at the 2021 Grammy Awards: Record Of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards in 2021, but without winning them! In any case, it is the most listened to female song in the States. Here is part of the

Why don’t you say so?

Didn’t even notice

No punches there to roll with

You got to keep me focused

Do you want it? Say I know

What origins does Doja Cat have? How the artist from LA was born and raised

Doja Cat, (real name: Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini), class of ’95, was born and raised in LA, and started making music as a teenager, sharing his songs via Soundcloud. Since she was a child, she loves to compose songs, but also to dance. With the song So high stands out and signs his first contract with a record label. In August 2018 his self-produced song comes out Mooocatchy sounding in which Doja Cat fantastic about being… a cow. He launches it to a huge audience, obtaining 3M views in a week. In the words of Doja Cat to The Fader: “I make serious music, love songs and sometimes sad songs, so it was a nice change and I’m thankful that people took it so well. I am very happy that it is making people happy ”.

Success with Doja Cat – Streets and Doja cat i like you

Driven by the viral success of Moothe album arrives in 2019 Hot Pinkin which there is the passage of Doja Cat Say I know, but also Doja cat – Streets And Doja Cat – I like you. There is a tour scheduled for Hot Pinkbut is postponed due to COVID. Doja cat after the success of Say I know does not stop and collaborates together with The Weekend in a “two” version of In your eyes, comes the victory as Push Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards 2020, and those of New Artist of the Year and Favorite Soul / R & B Female Artist at the American Music Awards 2020. According to the Rolling Stones, she is the artist number 1 among top 10 discoveries of the year. In 2021 she leaves Best Friend, another duo this time with Saweetie, another success that is still heard among the Reel of Instagram. Another track that goes viral on the album is Streets by Doja Catin the tiktok remix with “Put your hand on my shoulder” by Paul Anka.

This is the end? Doja Cat to date, with Need to know and Woman

In June 2021 it comes out Need to know by Doja Catanother success, which precedes the new album Planet her. In September he presents the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in a highly appreciated way, also dressing in absurd but ironic outfits (for example, literally wearing a chair on his head, or boots in the shape of hen’s feet). On the same occasion, she wins the award as Best Collaboration with SZA for Kiss Me More and Best Art Direction for Best Friend. 2021 ends with a flourish, with the release of the single by Doja Cat – Womanand a string of musical victories: according to Billboard she is the best-selling female R&B and hip-hop artist of the year, and the album Planet Her is the fifth most listened to globally on Spotify. He also wins his first Grammy for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance for Kiss me more. After all these successes one after the other, however, Doja Cat expresses the need to stop, and cancels the next concerts, for reasons related to health, including physical ones: the opening concert at The Weekend is canceled due to problems related to the tonsils. A farewell? Maybe more a See you soon!

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