Man asks the Minecraft community for help to learn about the title and be able to play with his daughter

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Being a parent is a demanding task, which often leads people to engage in activities that they do not know much about, all to satisfy the needs and tastes of their children.

This is what a 40-year-old man tries to do, who has asked the ResetEra community for help, making a publication where he says that his daughter has been very interested in Minecraft, the popular Mojang video game, but that he needs help to understand the game, since he knows nothing about it.

“I want to keep helping her…but I have no idea what to do. I’ve opened the app on my phone, but I’m overwhelmed with options and boxes and a seemingly infinite number of item boxes. I understand that there is a survival mode and a creative mode and they seem pretty self explanatory, but once I’m in the game (Minecraft), I have no idea how to continue. I just walk around and break things,” says the father.

Community that helped you, leaving comments encouraging you to unleash your creativity in the game, indicating what Minecraft excels at, advising you to start drilling trees, getting wood, making a crafting bench, getting tools, getting better materials , make more tools, etc.

A story that on both sides, from the side of the father who wants to learn more about the game, to share those moments with his daughter, how those who are helping him in the forum, remind us how great they are and that they should always be video game communities.

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