Berterame has Europe as a priority, recognizes offers from America and Monterrey

The Argentine striker is hours away from defining his future, in which continuing with San Luis is not ruled out

Less than a month before the start of Opening 2022 of the MX League, German Berteramestill a footballer Athletic Saint Louis, has not yet defined his future. The Argentine is wanted by America Y Montereybut has the aspiration to reach European football, although he does not rule out staying in the Las Tunas team.

Sources confided in ESPN that tomorrow will be key in the future of Berteramebecause the Argentine footballer will meet with his representative to analyze the job offers that have come from the attacker who remains with him for now Athletic Saint Louis.

In Mexico, America Y Monterey are the teams that have shown the most interest in the Argentine, who longs to take his career to Europea situation for which it has not responded to offers from Eagles, scratchedor even from Athletic Saint Louis you want to keep your scorer.

This Monday, the team from Las Tunas closed their pre-season work in Cancun, which Berterame performed with normal under the technical direction of the Brazilian André Jardine, who still has the Argentine considered to face the Opening 2022.

Given the uncertainty of the future Berteramefor now the Argentine will remain in the ranks of the Athletic Saint Louisa team that is preparing for its debut in the Opening 2022 next July 3 against León at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium.

Berterame has been linked to Athletic Saint Louis since 2019. With Las Tunas he has played 93 games in which he has scored 31 goals, in addition to contributing six assists.

The Athletic Saint Louis comes from a semester in which he finished in tenth position in the general table of the Opening 2022. In the final phase of the contest, they passed over Monterey in the playoffs, but fell 5-4 to Pachuca in the quarterfinals.

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