Why does Amber Heard dress the same as Johnny Depp?

Mexico City.- The lawsuit for defamation that Johnny Depp filed against Amber Heard for an article that she published in The Washington Post in 2018, and which was reviewed by lawyers yesterday, has attracted the attention of various media.

Both are accused of domestic violence and assault, and there are many millions at stake: he demands 50 million dollars while she counters for 100.

But something that has drawn attention is the costumes of the actors during the trial, especially Amber, who seems to copy the looks of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean the other day.

From the black or gray suits, the white blouses or shirts, the black tie and even a bee pin on the tie, both have worn these outfits in the various audiences.

According to psychologists, this fact may be due to the fact that the Aquaman actress, who, in some way, follows the dress codes that ask women to dress soberly during these types of events, is asking her ex-husband for empathy and mercy.

However, some experts say that this relationship, apparently unhealthy, reaches extremes that the actress remains obsessed with Depp.

“From what we have heard in the trial, both were involved in a relationship based on violence. So the fact that she appears dressed almost the same as him, and that sometimes she even imitates his gestures, seems to me like a phenomenon called ‘mirroring’, that is, it is showing that in some way she is still linked and obsessed with him,” says the image consultant Mónica Bravo.

She then speaks of a kind of mimicry but with a feeling of hatred as a basis that can say that, for her, the relationship is not over.

Public image expert Humberto Gutiérrez agrees with this opinion, who affirms that Amber has been seen during the defiant trial, in a kind of passive confrontation.

“You can even see it in her body language throughout the process. She looks very serious, tough and even angry. I think it’s a way of challenging her ex-partner, imitating how she dresses, and showing her that she is strong and can fight him in the trial”, comments the expert, who considers that both have made bad choices in terms of clothing and do not generate empathy with their behavior.

“They have been very serious, distant, not very empathic, wearing very dark and somber colors with many accessories. I think they both intend to give an image of seriousness and respect, but I consider that they fall into the category of evil,” he adds.

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