Transfer market, Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Serie A: the announcement

The Portuguese footballer is ready to return to Italy after his Juve adventure. But now there is another club willing to take him and the announcement makes the fans excited.

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Serie A

The club has closed a positive season and aims to improve itself more and more. Il Messaggero announces what the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Roma. The player still has a one year contract with the Red Devils and this can facilitate the deal as well. All in the preliminary phase at the moment with Manchester United who will not play the Champions League and will go to the Euopa League, just like the Rome who wants to sign Ronaldo and that to close the deal he will have to convince him both from an economic and a planning point of view. The player advances with age and is now betting on immediate winning draws.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Rome Manchester United

Rome transfer market: contacted Ronaldo

As revealed by today’s edition of The messengera newspaper very close to the Roman market turns, the Rome contacted Cristiano Ronaldo to buy it ahead of the next season. Manchester United is already thinking about how it will be possible to replace the player. To understand what the future of CR7 will be, which can also make its return to Italy.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Rome: the decision

The decision regarding a return to Serie A by Cristiano Ronaldo with the signing of Roma it will depend solely on the Portuguese footballer. Because if there are margins for the Giallorossi to close the deal and the player’s willingness to try a new important challenge (still in Italy) then Manchester United will not oppose their player’s decision by letting him leave. At the moment the idea of ​​a transfer to Rome teases Ronaldo who has not yet given a definitive answer to the Giallorossi club coached by José Mourinho, the coach with whom he already worked at the time of Real Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Rome Manchester United
Transfer market Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United – – La Presse
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