Tom Cruise revealed how he goes unnoticed in the cinema

Although there are many actors who prefer not to see their own movies to avoid any discomfort caused by their own performance, there are also those who decide to watch them to take note and seek continuous improvement, as is the case with Tom Cruise.

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The 59-year-old actor could perfectly be one of the people with whom you share a movie theater, although you probably do not recognize him, because as he has previously revealed, he has a certain costume to go unnoticed.

During the presentation of “Top Gun: Maverick” at the Cannes Film Festival, Tom Cruise mentioned one of the habits that he had kept secret until now.

Tom Cruise enjoys his movies like any fan

The protagonist of “Mission Impossible” has a habit of going to the movies disguised as any other spectator. “I put on my cap and sit in the audience,” he mentioned.

Although he later added that he does not only do it with his films, he also joins other functions that catch his attention, such as “Tenet”, a film by Christopher Nolan, starring Robert Pattinson.

In the middle of the interview, Tom Cruise expressed that he will never release any streaming movie. “I make movies for the big screen… I love the experience and I want other filmmakers to have that experience,” he mentioned.

After expressing the great love he feels for cinema, the actor explained the level of importance of being able to share with so many people in the same place.

“Look at us all together, we are all united, we speak different languages, different cultures… but we are able to come together around a shared experience,” he commented.

After 36 years of the premiere of the original, Tom Cruise returned to the role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell on May 26.

“After more than 30 years of service as one of the best aviators in the Navy, Pete “Maverick” Mitchel is where he always wanted to be, pushing the limits as a brave test pilot. “says the official synopsis of the film.

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