The day Monica Bellucci stopped her truck, got out and hugged Harold Torres

In murderer without memory, harold plays a policeman of Mexican origin who is part of an FBI team. He has an important weight in the development of the story written by Dario Scardapane, Carl Joos Y Erik VanLooybased on a book Jeff Geeraerts.

Harold Torres
Harold Torres and Guy Pearce in the film Murderer without memory.

“The script was adapted on the border between Mexico and the United States and my character is a police officer who carries out a series of investigations to find those responsible for human trafficking and pedophilia. He arrives with the FBI because he has a case that has been eating away at his conscience, he feels guilty for the loss of some people, ”he explained.

Also with the stellar performances of Liam NeesonGuy PearceMonica Bellucci Y Taj Atwalthe film that is already on the Mexican billboard, abounds in the case of Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson), a contract killer who suffers from Alzheimer’s and the consequences of this disease are causing him problems in the performance of the functions that he must comply with.

Harold Torres
Harold Torres acted under the direction of Martin Campbell in Assassin without memory.

“They send him to murder a minor and within his ethical issues, he cannot transgress the life of a girl and that is where the interesting part comes from. They are two lines in an action movie, a thriller that has many components. I feel very satisfied because all the scenes I recorded are in each stroke, I have nothing but pure gratitude with Martin and the casting director (Pam Dixon) for believing in me”, he highlighted.

During the filming of the film, Harold Torres did scenes with both Monica Bellucci as with Liam Neeson Y Guy Pearce. With the latter he talked for a long time because he has seen many of his films.

Harold Torres
Harold Torres during the shooting of the film murderer without memory.

“He thought I was prattling on him when I told him, but I really have seen his tapes. He told me anecdotes and I was fascinated by everything he told me, although I really can’t tell.

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