The celebration of Johnny Depp’s legal team when Amber Heard made a serious mistake in court (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp Together with his team of lawyers, they have celebrated in court a torrential mistake that he made AmberHeard, where he will have to pay dearly for having named one of the actor’s exes.

in the social network tiktok, A video has been revealed showing the reaction of Johnny Depp’s lawyers when his ex-wife Amber Heard mentioned the name of Kate Moss, a former partner of Depp, a few weeks ago in court.

When Heard mentioned Moss, the look on Johnny Depp’s legal team was one of complete triumph. One of them even clenched his fist in celebration, as can be seen in the video that has quickly gone viral on other social networks around the world.

Moss He appeared on a screen for less than three minutes as a witness, where he confirmed that he had a relationship with Johnny Depp and that during a trip to Jamaica, he slipped down some stairs because it had just rained and hurt his back.

“No, he never pushed me or kicked me or threw me down any stairs,” Moss said.

Amber Heard’s legal team declined to ask Kate Moss any questions. Since they logically knew that it was a serious mistake to have named the actress without having convincing evidence about the supposed and false push that Johnny “had given” her.

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