Milner tells Klopp before the 2018 Champions League final: “He wore Cristiano Ronaldo’s boxers”

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MILNER KLOPP CRISTIANO RONALDO – James Milnerstill midfielder of the Liverpoolspoke to the Daily Mail in view of the Champions League final against real Madrid that awaits i Reds tonight, revealing more than one interesting anecdote.

Milner talks about the 2018 Champions League final

An appointment, the one between Liverpool and Real Madrid, which has already taken place in 2018. In that case, as the fans of the English association unfortunately remember, the band of Cristiano Ronaldo for 3-1, even if it was Gareth Bale who was decisive (with the participation of goalkeeper Karius, who lived a disastrous evening). The Portuguese today at Manchester United is the protagonist of the nice background told by Milner: “When Klopp gives his team’s speeches, he obviously doesn’t get ironic, but always tries to soften them. Like the 2018 Champions League final. He was having his usual pre-match meeting, talking about the game, the tactics, what we were going to do and what our opponents were going to do. But he knew there would be tension. A team with Cristiano Ronaldo was waiting for us, and do you know what Klopp did he did? He wore his Cristiano Ronaldo branded boxers. It was his way of trying to relax the boys“.

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