Ariana Grande reveals some unexpected changes in her debut as a Hollywood actress

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Ariana Grande is ready to make the big leap into acting in Hollywood. In November of last year, she shared the news of this new direction in her artistic career on social networks. After achieving enormous success in music, the interpreter of “Thank U Next” will fulfill one of her greatest dreams: will star in a Hollywood movie.

Many singers have tried to try their luck in the cinema, such is the case of Jennifer Lopez with resounding success. Now it’s the turn of the 28-year-old songwriter. Filmmaker Jon M Ch was looking for a talent who could sing and act unbeatably. He has found the best candidate for the role because Ariana sings spectacularly without the need for editing, so she will surely surprise us in this adaptation of Wicked.

It will be a musical production based on the original work by Gregory Maguire “The Wizard of Oz” from 1995 where Ariana Grande will share the camera with the British actress Cynthia Erivo. The work was presented in theater back in 2004, receiving all the recognition and applause from the fans of the musicals. From there comes the idea of ​​an adaptation to our times with the talent of the singer.

Last minute changes for Wicked

Ariana Grande has recently shared some changes to this project that has her so excited. One of the most important is that the recording dates have changed and the premiere has been delayed. But the biggest news is that she released a musical score with the description “Good News” followed by the surprise that there will be not one movie but two! The plot will be divided into two parts because they didn’t want to cut it too much.

Ariana Grande Post

They made it known through an official statement: “As we were preparing production last year, we realized that it was impossible to tell the story of Wicked in a single film. We tried to shorten songs and adjust characters, but those decisions began to seem fatal to the source material that has entertained us for so long. years, so we’ve decided to give ourselves a bigger canvas and not just make one Wicked movie, but two. With more space we can tell the story as it should be told by giving it more depth and surprises with these beloved characters.”it reads.

Of course, it is news that Ariana Grande and her followers have loved because her big movie debut will not be with a movie, but it goes twice!

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