Will Smith already ‘warned’ Pablo Motos about his wife Jada Pinkett: “Careful Pablo, understood?”

La newspaper library is what it has. Regards. Y after the bombshell that Will Smith’s slap in the face of humorist Chris Rock at the 94 gala of the Oscar, all kinds of links have emerged with this matter. What the one that the actor starred in ‘El Homiguero’ by his dear friend Pablo Motos. Because jokes… the fair ones.

Well, it turns out that this fact dates from over a decade agobut already laid the foundations… since the American actor warned Pablo Motos about something similar.

It was in 2010, when Smith was on the show accompanied by his son Jaden and his wife Jada Pinkett in order to introduce ‘Karate Kid’. Throughout the interview, Motos went on to refer to Jada, being interrupted by a Will who wanted to joke with him: “Pablo! -he began warning- Be careful with the words to my wife, understood?”. Everything was in a funny anecdote-warning but this has gained the relevance that corresponds 12 years later.

Pablo Motos: “Will screwed up, but he’s a special guy…”

Pablo Motos has also wanted to add to this fact to give his opinion on the good relationship he has with the actor after his visits to the program. The presenter admits that “the violence is unjustifiable and that Will Smith has screwed up”but also confesses that “he is one of the most special people” he has ever met.

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