Why does Tom Cruise look so good at 59? Here all your secrets

Pfew would say that Tom Cruise is one step away from his 60th birthday. Her youthful look and vitality of hers in all the action movies she stars in, like the new ‘Top Gun: Maverick’are not just the result of the luck that each one has in his life, there is something more behind, and in the case of Tomhis secret is his diet, his lifestyle and his training.

It seems that the years have not passed by him and the amount of physical activity he does is one of the legs of his spectacular appearance with 59 years. “Sea kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, weights, rock climbing, hiking, jogging… I do many different activities,” he lists in Men’s Health magazine the infinity of sports he practices, which allows him to ride their own action scenes.

Middlesex University sports scientist, Anne Elliottexplained why the amount of movement that Cruise have in your routine: “Regularly swapping cardio and strength work with something like fencing or rock climbing, like Cruisemaintains flexibility and balance: the first two things that tell you your age.”

It’s not her only secret

The mind and the body must go together, if one fails, the other will end up failing. Looking good in front of the mirror is essential, and not only in appearance, but in the clothes we wear. Tom Cruisewith a young and careful style, but without going overboard, is able to look 20 years younger.

In addition, the mind is just as important, a young mentality will make you look and be like this for longer. Many are those who say that Tom he always analyzes what went wrong for him, without letting it go and trying to fix every fault that he finds in his life, a posture that keeps him alert and always active to improve.

And of course, what many were waiting for, the diet of Tom Cruise, nothing that is beyond the reach of all of us. ingest 1200 calories per day and above all, it stays far away from carbohydrates. Low kitchen temperatures, grilled foods, and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as flavonoids, isoflavones, and beta-glucan are essential to being able to lead the lifestyle of Tom and look as spectacular as him. So now you know, the excuses are over.

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