Who is the voice of the Joker in the Batman animated series

Rubén León has more than 30 years of experience in the world of dubbinghas participated in dozens of films giving voice to animated characters such as the Tasmanian devil, Sergeant Aspero from Phenomenon, Beast in ‘X-Men Evolution’, among many others, especially in anime.

However, the most famous of all is the Joker from the Batman animated series, for many the best production that has been made of the Dark Knight.

Banda del Cómic spoke with him when he went through an edition of SOFA (Leisure and Fantasy Hall in Bogotá). Rubén described the event held in Corferias as “a great party”… And yes, it is for all of us who love the geek universe!

Reflected on the enemy of Batman, León maintained that he is a character that popular culture always wants to revisit and to which new things are always added.

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He also spoke about the film by Todd Philips, starring Joaquin Phoenix and considered that the interpretation of the American actor was “somewhat exacerbated or overreacted. She believed Heath Ledger more.”

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Already talking about his own version of the clown prince of crime, he told us the curious anecdote behind the ‘casting’ for this character.

“I am lucky that by nature I laugh hard… but I came with a joke party because I was dubbing the Tasmanian devil and doing that character made me laugh, a laugh from Rubén León; with the luck that a few meters away they were doing the casting for the Joker. My laugh sneaked through the studio and those who were auditioning asked to know who was doing the laugh,” he detailed.

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And he added: “I wanted to do Batman, but they told me it was the Joker and the truth is that it was better because the Joker is very funny.”

For the construction of the voice, Rubén León studied what César Romero, Jack Nicholson and Víctor Alcocer did, who dubbed César Romero in the famous Adam West series.

“It took me about 15 to 20 days to get the laughter and be able to master it without it hurting me. When he dubbed the Joker, all the gestures, the dialogues and the laughs were recorded, they were left for another day or at the end of everything,” said León.

The Venezuelan actor did not come out with a good relationship with Warner because, he assures, they did not want to make an adjustment in the contract that had nothing to do with money. However, he continues to delight fans around the world with his unique interpretation of the Joker.

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